The University of Padua – established in 1222 p.C. – has been repeatedly rated as Italy’s best “large university” for the quality of its research as it relies on 32 departments, 150 laboratories and a staff of 5.000 academics resulting in over 25.000 top-level scientific publications every year.

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Unismart is the wholly-owned subsidiary of the University of Padua dedicated to identifying research and IP which has potential commercial interest and taking it to market. We help businesses access the world-class expertise of the University, while helping academics create impact and gain income from their research.

Unismart – founded in April 2016 – collaborates with departments, laboratories, professors and researchers to find the right commercial route for intellectual property and research. We assist in the liaison with technology seekers, investors and industry players.


Unismart is a trusted partner for all companies eager to innovate and become more successful. As an entrepreneurial firm, we cut short on red tape and are able to offer a single point-of-contact when liaising with the University’s resources and facilities. Unismart strives to make your interactions with the University as effortless and seamless as possible.

Whether you want to find out more about the patents we hold in our portfolio, investigate research projects that are being developed on our facilities, meet innovative start-ups and spin-offs etc. do contact us today.


Unismart supports academics in finding the best route to market for their research. Our staff assist researchers in assessing the potential of their ideas, generating a pipeline of prospective buyers, engaging target companies, negotiating terms and conditions of IP acquisition by third parties.

We help you create extra impact for your research, making sure the right people get to know about it.


Registered office: Smart Unipd srl – Via Otto Febbraio 2, 35121 – Padova (Italy).